Kerry Lynne was a history major in college and went into teaching. That didn’t work, so she had two office careers. That didn’t work either. Through a circuitous sequence of events, she wound up in the decorative painting world, where she traveled taught and published for some 35 years. And then her hand wouldn’t work. So she went back to what she knew: writing, history, and sailing.

     Lynne’s fictional writings include The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend, “Nor Silver” (2014 Next Generation Indie Book Finalist Award for Historical Fiction),  “Nor Gold”, The Pirate Captain (2015), “Treasured Treasures”, The Pirate Captain (2018), Cursed Blessings, The Pirate Captain TBR (2020)LocoThology #3-The Price of Victory (The Pirate Captain). 

The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend series has been listed in Amazon’s Kindle “Best Sellers”, Historical Caribbean & Latin American Fiction, Top 20-100 for over four years.

The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend series is a unique literary genre, “historical pirate fiction” which is a blend of historical fiction, romance, nautical, paranormal, and action/adventure. 

The Pirate Captain series is not a romance: it is an “intense” love story between the Captain and a Jacobite widow but it is not a story that ends in smiles and happily ever afters: there are deep emotions shared and sacrifices witnessed. It is not a Treasure Island “wannbe” nor will Blackbeard, Mary Reed or Jack Rackam make an appearance; there are Captain Nathanael Blackthorne, Cate Mackenzie, Captain Thomas, Pryce, Hattie, and Breston Creswicke

Comparing Captain Nathanael Blackthorne to Jack Sparrow is inevitable. What other pirate has there been in pop culture for the last 60 years? They are similar, both are pirates and captains in the West Indies from there ends the sameness. Nathan is more dangerous and lethal because his life has been far more unforgiven.

     Kerry hopes these books will be a bridge between the non-sailor and the seafaring worlds of Patrick O’Brian (of the Master and Commander series) or Forrester (of the  Hornblower series.) There is a fascination with the world of sailing, but it’s a scary place, in terms of understanding what is being said.  She has tried to keep it accurate, and yet at the same time, not overwhelming.

     Luckily, Cate, the main character, is a lousy sailor, so sailing is related at a level anyone should be able to comprehend (as proven by some of the land-locked readers). In many places, if you don’t entirely understand what a term means, it’s no great issue. A Pinterest glossary is provided here at “pirate captain” website (for not only the nauticalese, but some of the 18th Century turns of the tongue).  The glossary should help fill in the blanks.

Good, bad or indifferent, Kerry would love to hear what you think


The Price of Victory by Kerry Lynne

Guest Author; The Price of Victory; short story

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