“The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend”

“Nor Silver”, “Nor Gold” & “Treasured Treasures”
By Kerry Lynne

      This historical pirate fiction series compares to no others, for they are not “romance novels”, nor “Treasure Island” wannabe., an “argh!” is never uttered. It’s a pirate story driven by the characters and their hate and loves, with a good dose of maritime adventure, humor, and of course, a love story.

      The “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series grossed over one billion dollars. (Yes, that’s billion with a “b”). Steven Spielberg has purchased the rights to Crichton’s “Pirate Latitudes.” Showtime, HBO, NBC, FOX and F/X channels all have had mini-series or more planned, Black Sails “Starz” was a huge cable success and there are pirate groups, re-en-actors, magazines, e-zines and festivals by the score. These are books that you’ll want to have on your shelves;

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