It was common for ships to carry a host of animals and livestock, cattle, sheep and hogs for fresh meat, goats for milk and chicken for eggs. Through the 1700’s in Europe, the demand for exotic pets grew and the sailors brought home every variety of creature that could be manged, monkeys and birds the most popular. The Ciara Morganse was no exception.

Hermoine the Morganse’s resident milk goat prefers tea for her morning drink ( and everyone knows how she gets if it isn’t hot enought) and looks for her ration of tobacco and grog in the evening.

Beatrice is the ship’s parrot, with a vocabulary as colorful as her hyacinth plumage. No one knows exactly who she belongs to , nor if she is indeed a “she.

Artemis is a Jamaican barn owl who has taken the lower regions of the Morganse as her roost. When near to land, she’s know to fly off, but always returns.

His Lordship, Georgie is a mongoose. “A fitting name for a rat killer, don’t you think?” according to Nathan.

There is also a vast population of geckos. There was a great deal of descent at finding “the little slimers” aboard, until there was a noticeable decline in the cockchafer population

“Where did they come from?

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