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The Pirate Captain “series” reviews: “Seriously it’s Outlander with Pirates” 

Brilliant”, “Love It”, “Many Shades of a Pirate Captain”, “Cannot put them down”, “Wow”, “Should be a TV series”, “Outlander, Pirate Edition”, “Got to read them a second or third time”

This series is epic! The story is full of thrills, romance, historical details. Anyone who loves pirates, sailing, history will love these books. Pirate Captain Nathanael Blackthorne is not only an amazing character, with your writing talent you bring him to life. One of the things I most enjoy in a book is a realistic story. Nathan is not just a character in a story. The banter, the emotions and the way he responds to Cate are fun, touching, scary and very believable. He’s a Pirate for sure but when he meets Cate and even before that by the way he treats his crew you can tell what type of man he is. Cate made him want to be a Gentleman, but. . . when living in that time period as a Pirate and all the adventure and excitement of the book he’s more than capable of doing what’s necessary to ensure Cate’s safety and that of his ship and crew. Some of the most enjoyable books I’ve ever read. Thank you.

Reviews from France (The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend & Nor Gold, The Pirate Captain)

The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend

Nor Gold, The Pirate Captain 

The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend (Nor Silver) Reviews:

Nor Silver is just an appetizer for a smorgasbord of tantalizing pirate storytelling in Kerry Lynne’s first book. The Pirate Captain leads us to endless treasures of greed, power, thievery, everlasting love, profound hatred and non-stop action. I loved this book and immediately bought the second book, Nor Gold. Now, awaiting her next and third book, Treasured Treasures, I am rereading both books…..if you truly want a fabulous story, you will not want to miss these!

Great read, don’t want to put it down! Love the storyline and characters.

Wow! What a surprise. I was looking for a quick read for a business trip and fell in love. The historical setting and Nathan and Cate’s complicated relationship made for a great read. Can’t wait for book two!

Anyone who enjoys anything to do with sailing and pirates, in general, will love this book. The characters are well thought out and you find yourself deeply engaged from the get-go and often find yourself rooting for characters you previously were unsure of. A good length of book and full of rich details, I was devastated when I finished as now I’ll have to wait until the follow-up! Highly recommended!

Don’t even know how to begin writing a review for this amazing tale I found this book through a Facebook page for pirate aficionados, and I am a sucker for historical fiction, so I couldn’t resist…the only thing that left me wanting is the cliffhanger ending that leaves the reader hungry, if not famished, for the sequel…and I think most who read this book will be rooting for Nathanael (Nathan) over Thomas, it’s impossible not to (I can’t help myself)

Cate, from whose eyes most of the story is told, is a woman after my own heart…and oh, how the ending nearly wrenched it right out! All the characters come alive and are very real and emotional. The history and detail are amazing. There is a lot of passion in this story. Kerry Lynne is a very imaginative writer and I do hope we don’t have to wait too long for the sequel

Nor Gold, The Pirate Captain #2 (The Pirate Captain, The Chronicles of a Legend series)

“Unforgettable Characters”, “Loved It”, “Is Gold”, “OMG”, “A True Gem”, “Series is Epic”, “Amazing”, “Bloody Hell, “Please tell me Treasured Treasures (#3) will be released

Nor Gold, Is Gold

A true gem. You are taken along for a wild ride of desperation, loss, conniving villains, fellowship, and pirates. You feel the true art of sailing and are transported to those perilous times on the high seas story.

Get plenty of sleep beforehand! Make sure there is food in the house, and no work to be done! Because when you read Nor Gold, you will not want anything to interrupt this great read including sleeping!!

Kerry Lynne has served up another rousing tale in her Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend with Nor Gold. Once again Nathan Blackthorne, Cate McKenzie, and their pirate ship sails into trouble and revenge…and good, old-fashioned love. Enjoy!

Gawd but this book chewed me up and spit me out. Several times. Please let there be more to the story!

Great read, great author, great story, great inspiration! I love this book as well as the first, Nor Silver. I can’t say enough good things about it!

A true gem. You are taken along for a wild ride of desperation, loss, conniving villains, fellowship, and lovers not all of them pirates. You feel the true art of sailing and are transported to those perilous times on the high seas and land with this great story. 

OMG a Pirate story in the style of the Outlander series, Amazing!/a>

Treasured Treasures, The Pirate Captain #3 (The Pirate Captain The Chronicles of a Legend series)

Loved Lynne’s first book in The Pirate Captain Series and loved her second book even more. But, in this book, the third in the series, the story and the author’s writing really shine. Her ability to bring to life this story through the written word is spellbinding. I can’t put it down. Love her sailing nomenclature. This lady seems to know her sailing. In Conclusion, The Pirate Captain Series has now reached its pinnacle and owns it’s own space in the literary world. Kerry Lynne’s writing only gets better and improves with each book. So glad I found this series. If I could give it more than five stars, I would. Will be waiting for Book 4.

I discovered these books about 6 months ago and just found them to be so entertaining. I loved her first book and fell in love with the life of a very special pirate, Nathan Blackthorne. The second book was even better and when I was done with it, I had to re-read the two of them again, because I was not ready to say goodbye to this story or these characters. I am now on book 3, and find that the author, Kerry Lynne, has somehow put this one out of the ballpark. She seems more confident and has given us a love story, but much more than that and a sense of reality. I can see everything unfold as she describes what is happening. I hope this story goes on for a few more books, I am hook lined and sinker. On a side note, Kerry actually talks to us, and understands us, as we pester her to write! She’s so available and surprises us on our Pirate Captain site

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The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend “Nor Silver”

Nor Gold, The Pirate Captain

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The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend “Nor Silver”

Nor Gold, The Pirate Captain 

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