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Wishin’ to report, Cap’n,” Pryce said, averting his attention. “The prize has give over.” “Readily?” “None so much as might o’ been. Their weapons were already laid, until the cap’n’s wife there called the charge.” Pryce cut her a look, now a heated glare. “Took Chin directly in the leg, she did, and then managed to draw blood on several more afore. .

Blackthorne whirled on Cate, " I could have you hocked and heaved or flogged for drawing the blood of another. " At some point, she had risen to her feed. She shrank back, coming up hard against the gun carriage as Blackthorne stalked toward her.

He grabbed her by the arm and towed her around the table. Releasing her, he went out on deck, where a number of pirates churned through trunks taken from the Constancy. Shoving them aside, he pawed through the contents, seized something, and stomped back. "I don't give a damn about you, but that's me number one coat and I'll not have it blooded up. Here," he said and flung a garment at her, "Put it on or parade about half-naked. I don't give a rat's ass. "


Excerpt from Chapter 21: Storm Tossed,

The Great Cabin is secured and Cate locked in: Beset by a chill reminiscent of the more sour days in the Highlands, Cate hunched on the trunk, listening to the gale tear at the windows and doors, clawing to violate her solitary bastion. The ship lurched to dizzying heights, and then sickeningly pitched downward, disorienting one to the point of doubting which way was up. The rain a hammering drone, the wind screaming through every crevice, and the grind of planking combined into a din that battered one to numbness.

STORMY TIMES by Jenny Gauci

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