Treasured Treasures





Treasured Treasures” is the third volume of Captain Nathanael Blackthorne’s saga.

Once again, Nathan discovers that Death can be an entirely temporary state. It also changes nothing: both his enemies and his past still pursue him. One might be out-run, but as to the other…?

The story is a testimony to Nathan’s lofty goal of protecting what he holds dear: his ship and—treasure of treasures—Cate Mackenzie. In the meantime, Cate wrestles with her own struggles of learning how to live once more—a not so easy task—and living down her own ghosts.

One should never, ever count out the tenacity of a pirate captain to see his treasure safe. Nathan’s world is treacherous with deadly consequences, but through trust and humanity Nathan and Cate seek to celebrate the joy of their victory. 

“Treasured Treasures, The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend” answers the questions of who is in command of the Ciara Morganse? What awaits the Morganse’s crew off the shores and amid the treacherous waters off Dead Goat Island?


 Excerpt from Chapter 1: That Upon Which the Gulls Feast,

At some point, Nathan found himself well down the strand, near the ropeworks, the spin yarns spitting out cordage like web out of spider's arse. Rattling down shrouds, back and forestays, chafing gear: refitting and repairing required miles of the stuff.

"Nathan? Nathan!!"

"What?” he barked. Thomas' booming voice could try one on a good day. Why the hell the fog hadn't deadened that was a wonder. "Damn your sottish eyes, I/m right here!"

"Aye, but you weren't attending, I hailed you several times. "The words formed in his throat to argue, but Nathan also knew it would be in vain.

Burn and blast his bones, Thomas was probably correct.

His gaze was drawn back to the fog where the two ships laid on their moorings. "Pryce represents the Lovely took the worst of it."

The corner of Thomas' mouth twitched grimly. "She did. Another day of knotting and splicing, however, and she'll be fit for whatever is thrown at her."

Nathan was keenly aware of a dull pounding aside from the one in his temples: the surf on the reef beyond the Passage. The unsettling part was it seemed to emanate right aft of his ship.  

"How does it stand out there?" he asked. A vague nod incorporated the passage, the reef and the open sea beyond. It was damned disquieting to have no notion as to how things laid. 


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