The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend, “Nor Silver” is a historical action/adventure saga with a twisted love story and answers the question of what would one man do to “Keep his Treasure”! Having lost hearth and heart to the Stuart Uprising, Cate Harper Mackenzie, a fugitive war criminal, purchases passage on a ship bound for the West Indies. En route, she is kidnapped-a case of mistaken identity by Pirate Captain Nathanael Blackthorne. Accustomed to blood, musket, and cannon, life aboard the pirate ship isn’t the hell Cate expects. She is instantly drawn into Nathan’s bloody rivalry against Lord Breaston Creswicke-the man who forced Nathan into piracy-and Commodore Roger Harte, Creswicke’s puppet.
They are an “unholy alliance” of ambition and power, Nathan a rat terrier on their heels. The impending arrival of Crewicke’s finance is too much temptation. This is a story of two scarred people, blinded by their defenses. It’s the story of trust, or rather, the lack of. It’s the story of a loss of faith and disbelief that Providence might ever smile again.

“Me hair is silver and me bones creak, but me cock still rises and I remember why.”

Wisdom of the ages you seek, lad? I offer but one word: treasure.

At what price does this treasure come, you ask, for not all does silver and gold make?
To pose the question means you’ve not found yours, for when you do,’tis no longer a
question of the cost to keep it.

“Anything” becomes your creed.”

Pirate Captain Nathanael Blackthorne


Nor Gold

Treasured Treasures

A Diamond in the Treasure Trove” The Pirate Captain bears many resemblances to Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series that I would almost call it “Outlander: the Pirate edition.

 Romantic Historical Review, Goodreads, Emery Lee

“The Pirate Captain unfolds in visual images rather than being just words on the page. While a thread of romance runs through this tale, The Pirate Captain is not a romance. It’s a gritty novel of piracy and the sea that’s realistically told in such a way that transports the reader back in time.”

– Pirates and Privateers,
Cindy Vallor

The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend is a long novel that reads very quickly; Kerry Lynne has a knack for describing naval action, and the Patrick O’Brian-style Age of Sail naval jargon is kept sufficiently under control so as not to alienate newcomers to the genre. A marvelously entertaining saga; future volumes are eagerly anticipated.

Historical Novel Society

Seriously, it’s like Outlander but with pirates! from the article: Books to read if you like Outlander.

-Crystal Paul