What is BYTB Publishing, By The Board Publishing LLC?

2024 New York Festivals Radio Gold Award, Audiobook Ensemble – Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend Audio Drama 
  • Compassrose books was in search of a publishing company to produce audio dramas for it’s book series, The Pirate Captain Chronicles’ of a Legend alas without much successful so Kerry Lynne said, ” We will do it ourselves!” and  By The Board Publishing LLC. was established to managed the production process.  Lynne and the BYTB staff  developed the concept for the first audio book as an unabridged full-cast audio “dramatized” drama. The producer (UK) was hired to direct the audio and a partnership was established. BYTB assisted in identifying and hiring the the main cast talent (contract negotiations), distribution of the final production, setting up a direct buy Author’s store,  PIRATE CAPTAIN STORE and marketing of the final productions.  If you are seeking assistant in developmenting your book/s audio/s as a one of a kind  production, contact us to discuss the possibilities info@piratecaptain.net

What  does BYTB Publishing do?

  • Anything as Pirate Captain Nathanael Blackthorne have said… “To keep what you cherish safe!”...BYTB Publishing. offers a complete turn key service for full-cast audio productions from development to marketing the finished production…What is a full -cast production?… A production will  include main talents (stars),  supporting talent (more stars) a sound track, special effects mixed and edited by experienced awarding winning Producer. BYTB hires the producer, negotiation contracts with agents, and summits the finished production to the online distributions..
  • Are you  interested in reading your own book or have one narrator for your book/s then BYTB is not the publishing company for you…if you want your book/s to become an “audio movie” then BYTB knows how. Cost, depends… info@piratecaptain.net  

What is the future of  the Audio Drama?

  • The audiobook industry is always changing, what with the challenges of AI  and technology… still good storytelling  written by Indie Authors under the guidance of talented producers and performed by acting talent will be a staple in the industry. Yes the Indie Author can compete with the large maga publishing corporations . It requires drive, desire and a wee bit of providence.