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Kerry Lynne, Author, of “The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend,” Nor Silver,” (2013), 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Historical Fiction Finalist Award; “Nor Gold”, The Pirate Captain (2015), and “Treasured Treasures”, The Pirate Captain (2018). Lynne is a native of Michigan, a prior teacher with a lifelong interest in history, writing, and sailing, which were the passions that led to the creation of The Pirate Captain series.

Over a decade ago, I started to write “The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend.” Pirate fiction was a natural offspring of being a history major and over forty years of sailing the Great Lakes. There is a broad fascination among readers with the Age of Sailing. What stops them is the fear of being overwhelmed by the terminology and technicalities. My goal was to entice the reader into that world, while striking that delicate balance between technically correct and yet readable. Feedback from readers suggest I succeeded: they are anxiously awaiting the next book.

A word on literary perfection. Every writer knows what an elusive goal it is. A historical “fact’ is always up for argument and four people can produce six different opinions on the use of a comma or sentence structure. Between the mariner’s slang, 18th Century turn-of-the-tongue, writing style, and 21st Century publishing, not all errors might be as they seem.

Nor Gold, The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend – #2 Cate Mackenzie, a woman who lost everything to the Jacobite Uprising is trying to make sense of being sold by Captain Blackthorne to Captain Thomas. As Blackthorne sails off, Cate tries to come to terms with her new situation. Captain Nathanael Blackthorne has only two goals: to get Cate back and claim his revenge against Lord Breston Creswick. “Nor Gold”.

Treasured Treasures, The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend – #3 Once again, Pirate Captain Nathanael Blackthorne discovers that Death can be an entirely temporary state. It also changes nothing: both his enemies and his past still pursue him. One might be out-run, but as to the other…? “Treasured Treasures”.

Cursed Blessings, The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend – #4 TBR 2024

Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend – audiobook drama – August 2023, Neil Rosser, Producer, Rosalyn Landor (Narrator), Eleanor Tomlinson (Cate Harper McKenzie), Sam Hazeldine (Pirate Captain Nathanael Blackthorne), Graham McTavish (Ezekiel Pryce) and Tom Mison (Captain Thomas), original soundtrack Michael Vickerage available on Audible, Amazon, Direct buy from Author at and all other distributors across the internet.

Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend (Audiobook Drama)  2024 new York Festivals Radio Award-Audiobook narration Ensemble, Gold


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